Me and people thought are still determined to reach the finish line where, what, and when ever that will occur. As we go through phases of searching for new technology or just making music and presets, we do it obsessively. But somethings dont change I AM STILL BI POLAR as fuck. Recently I gained some new inspiration by life changing events. Lets just say I took two steps forward and one step back. Drugs were helpful at the time it seemed but since I cleaned my self up I am in a whole new perception I never truly experienced before. Some call it reality others call it being normal (which I still feel far from) but I would like to think its called freedom. Drugs did give me a sharp perception and views I stuck by and protected strongly. But freedom seems more big and sometimes blurry and there is a lot of uncertainty. its a big scary perception that one could get lost in. I must be careful but I plan to use freedom wisely as I hope the rest of you do as well. You dont have to do drugs to stay away from society or be different; and drugs wont make your music better. Drugs are only tools that should be used in moderation. I experienced the Zen with them and the dreaded ROCK BOTTOM. But all in all I think everything will be ok if you just stay alive and survive so you can make the next.